Letter From Advisory Committee Chair

Knowing that many in the community are deeply concerned about the tragic events on the ground in Sudan, I write to offer an update on the work of the Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility, which has been asked to make a recommendation to the Executive Committee of the MIT Corporation about whether any action should be taken with regard to MIT’s investments in multinational companies that may be doing business in Sudan, and if so, what that action should be.

The Advisory Committee has met several times as a group since September, most recently at the end of last week. We have also consulted with a range of stakeholders and experts inside and outside MIT. We expect to deliver our recommendation on possible courses of action to the Executive Committee for its consideration in early April.

We are grateful for the many thoughtful comments we have received from faculty, students, and staff, and in particular for the role the ACSR members representing the Undergraduate Association and the Graduate Student Council have played in facilitating input from the student community.


Alan Spoon

Chair, Advisory Committee on Shareholder Responsibility