MIT to ‘reconsider’ retail eateries in student center

Dunkin’ Donuts reopened Sept. 22. Its franchisee, which also operates the Cambridge Grill, “is cautiously considering plans for reopening the Grill based on Dunkin’s volume in the coming weeks,” Hayes wrote. Anna’s Taqueria, Cafe Spice, Shinkansen, and Shawarma Shack remain closed. La Verde’s has not given MIT Dining “a timeline for their reopening.”


Barnhart discusses COVID-19 response, next steps at faculty meeting

After Barnhart’s presentation, faculty members discussed MIT’s more conservative approach towards COVID-19, as well as whether facilities would be equipped to ramp up or ramp down functionality if needed. 


MIT opens new Johnson Athletic Center COVID-19 testing site

MIT Medical Director Cecilia Stuopis wrote in an email to The Tech that MIT Medical is currently able to “handle around 4,000 tests a day” but that this number will grow to 10,000 tests a day once the Johnson site is “fully operational.”


Sloan goes remote for week after MBA students seen in large gathering

According to a webinar presentation Sloan held Sept. 17, both gatherings were held in public parks, were initiated by a small group in accordance to MIT COVID-19 policy but “grew organically” and included students who did not social distance or wear masks.

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The Johnson Athletic Center in the Z-Center opened for COVID-19 testing Monday Sept. 14. Nathan Liang–The Tech

Kyle Markland ’22 just released his first album, ‘September’s Child’

MIT students aren’t particularly known for their creative pursuits, but Kyle Markland ’22 definitely subverts that stereotype. In his debut album, Kyle pairs multi-instrumental prowess with an impressive vocal range to carve out his unique sound.

9482 kyle live 1   rajiv movva
Kyle Markland ’22 performs his music live at the Beta Theta Pi fraternity house. On Sept. 18, Kyle released his first album, ‘September’s Child.’ courtesy of raj movva
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Final exams schedule, seniors PE, career week

The schedule for final exams is available online at

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Bach with the BSO

In the finale of the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s Bach project, violinists Wendy Putnam, Victor Romanul, Lucia Lin, and Catherine French perform Bach’s Partita No. 3 in E major from their homes to ours. 

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Regaining a culture of sustainability amid a pandemic

On college campuses, operational dining facilities now encase everything from hot meals to unpeeled bananas in disposable plastic, transferred in plastic bags to students, who eat with plastic cutlery: all as safeguards against the virus’s spread.

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It’s about thyme

There’s a grand sense of longing that fills me often, but longing for what?

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Bringing sustainability to the 2020 fall career fair

The virtual nature of the FCF eliminates the excessive waste and travel emissions typically attributed to the in-person event.

9464 covid pass 20200928
Daily cumulative positive COVID-19 tests administered by MIT Medical through the CovidPass program. Joanna Lin — The Tech
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MIT Divest’s response to the Climate Grand Challenges

Climate change is not a crisis that will wait several years. Long-term investments into mitigation and adaptation are valuable, but not at the expense of immediate action.

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How conversations flipped my political views

Finding the courage to engage with ignorance can make an enormous impact; it certainly did for me.

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Why Luis Videgaray must leave MIT

MIT should end Videgaray’s appointments as senior lecturer, as director of the AIPW Project within Sloan and the College of Computing, and as distinguished fellow at the MIT Internet Policy Research Initiative.


Minor completion date, career week

The deadline for submission of the Minor Completion Form for final-term seniors is Friday.

Virtual Fall Career Fair series to begin Sept. 21

Unlike previous years, MIT will not have a student holiday during the career fair. Additionally, there will be no official Interview Day, and each company will coordinate its own interviews.

Five percent of upperclassmen take leave of absence

25 sophomores, 76 juniors, and 70 seniors opted to take leaves of absence (LOAs) for the fall term, Student Support Services Associate Dean James Collins wrote in an email to The Tech. 


Reusable utensils pilot underway

On Sept. 24, 2020, an article was published in the opinion section of The Tech titled “Regaining a culture of sustainability amid a pandemic,” written by Jen Fox, detailing steps MIT Dining could take to reduce the waste produced during COVID operations. To many readers living on campus, where plastic...

Provost and deans of Sloan and College of Computing respond to letter on Luis Videgaray

Luis has provided regular and forthright updates to MIT faculty and administrative leaders on the various legal reviews now underway regarding the former presidential administration of Mexico, in which he served, and MIT is monitoring the situation closely.

Por qué Luis Videgaray Caso debe salir del MIT

MIT debe cancelar la relación laboral con Luis Videgaray Caso y rescindir sus nombramientos como profesor titular, como director del AIPW en Sloan y el College of Computing y como miembro distinguido de la Iniciativa de Investigación de Políticas de Internet del MIT. 

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Men’s Volleyball coach highlights a season cut short

Sailing seniors appreciate their time on and off the water

“We made a really good effort of spending time together outside of practice at MIT and even now, from all our corners of the world.”

Women’s tennis coach honors her team’s efforts

“Although our season was cut short and we only got to play 5 team matches, I felt that we had already come a long way in being invested in each other and in competing hard for each other.”

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Reflecting on my anti-Asian bias

Abstractions of emotion

Over the surface of the river, a hint of a rainbow colors the path below my feet. Love’s in the air. Can you taste it?

Can professional development align with social justice?

This feels like guilt. Heavy, smothering guilt that I am not doing enough today, and when I finally find the time tomorrow, it will be too late.