President Reif addresses ties between MIT and Epstein at faculty meeting

“There were many assumptions mentioned today. I don’t blame you for the assumptions you made. I want to beg you, honest to goodness, wait a little longer," Reif said.

guest column

Two donors, two deaths, two responses

We must be concerned with the impression made on our students in condemning one donor for personal crimes and entirely overlooking the destructive transgressions of another, especially when the latter involves disinformation and attacks on science — the very antithesis of MIT’s mission as an educational institution.

letter to the editor

In defense of President Reif

President Reif’s positions on so many other decisions directly affecting students have demonstrated a degree of integrity and political courage that I have found both encouraging and increasingly rare among our leaders today.


#They Knew protesters rally against MIT’s relationship with Jeffrey Epstein

After the program of scheduled speakers ended, members of the crowd were also invited to speak in an open mic session, and about thirty minutes later, the protest culminated with a march to Reif’s office, where protesters delivered their signs and continued to voice their dissatisfaction with the Institute’s administration. 

9099 1a protests
Members of the MIT and greater Boston community assemble at the "#TheyKnew" protest organized by MIT Students Against War in response to the MIT-Epstein scandal Friday. Kevin Chen — The Tech

Richard Stallman resigns from MIT after facing backlash over Minsky comments

Stallman wrote, “We can imagine many scenarios, but the most plausible scenario is that she [Giuffre] presented herself to him as entirely willing.”

open letter

A call to step up in response to Reif’s most recent letter

The current culture has reduced the importance of academic integrity and personal ethics in favor of rankings, volume of research papers, and fame. We need to return to that guiding light of what led us all here to come to MIT to the first place.

guest column

A call for radical transparency over MIT’s relationship to Epstein

The Reif-Epstein matter will remain swirled in controversy and conjecture until MIT makes a transparent release of all emails, documents, and minutes related to Epstein.

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MIT’s Climate Inaction Plan

The MIT community must truly be engaged with redefining MIT’s research priorities and imagining a more sustainable campus. Those changes will have profound impacts on everybody’s life here.


Literature minor introduces new film track

At most two of the classes, still with film analysis as the primary focus, can be taken in a section outside of literature. These non-literature classes can comprise, but are not limited to, film-related courses in comparative media studies, anthropology, global studies and language, and women’s and gender studies.


Dorms implement new room assignment procedures

The administration is working on gathering “quantitative data” and “qualitative feedback” on how these new rooming procedures were implemented

guest column

Why I am #ClimateStriking instead of attending the career fair

The current climate and ecological crisis calls for nothing short of rebellion. The least I can do is to take a stand against those stealing my future, our future, and the future of humanity.


MacGregor, New House most popular FYRE destinations

MacGregor and New House overtook Simmons and Maseeh to become the most popular dorms to move into during FYRE.

movie review

‘Ad Astra:' Into the stars but not interstellar

As Astronaut McBride goes against all odds to journey into space to see his father one more time, the film accurately characterizes the bond between a parent and a child and how far we are willing to go for those that we love. Brad Pitt’s new space movie presents a not-so-distant future with stunning cinematography that leaves you excited for the future of space travel.

guest column

Join the Global Climate Strike this Friday

MIT students should join the Global Climate Strike and take part in the worldwide movement that is mobilizing to combat the climate crisis.


Deputy Executive Vice President Tony Sharon to retire after 20 years of service

The Tech asked how fun life at MIT was out of 10. Sharon answered, “It was cyclical, but if I integrate over the curve I would say eight.” He added, “I wouldn’t have kept coming back if it was not fun.”

movie review

‘The Goldfinch’ moves little more than a still picture

The length of 'The Goldfinch' — two-and-a-half hours — drags the talented cast down, but it’s not that long movies are necessarily bad. The problem is that it does not have enough redeeming qualities or any reason to be that long, so you’re left wondering, “When is this going to end?”

9129  tte0382
A group of hackers collaborate Sunday morning.
9128  tte0361
A group of hackers celebrate early Sunday morning.
9126  tte0288
A hacker works surrounded by cans of energy drinks early Sunday morning.
9130  tte0396
Hackers sleep at their tables at HackMIT early Sunday morning.

Final exam schedules, Career Fair, minor completion date

Final exam schedules have been posted on

IM sports, half-term add date, blood drive

Fees and deposits for intramural sports are due Friday, September 13.

Several dorms experience difficulties with new laundry system

Next House President Jessica Tang ’20 wrote, non-functioning dryers and the “shaky support for MIT TechCASH” have resulted in “a very frustrating and poor experience for Nexties.”


Failures in transparency and student input regarding changes to 2020 Commencement

The “One-MIT” ceremony would be followed by school- or department-specific ceremonies on Friday afternoon, during which the actual degrees would be conferred. 

Joi is gone, but billionaire culture remains

The fallout from Epstein funding should push us to consider what needs to change not only at MIT, but in regards to wealth in America.

Who deserves to be a philanthropist?

A more effective donor would be willing to change their job, investments, and lifestyle to better align with the initiatives that they support. 

8753 ben kettle   20181020 01496 sony techmit

Head of the Charles Regatta 2018

MIT Cricket runners up in American College Cricket Northeast Championship 2018

MIT Cricket recovered from a crushing loss against Northeastern in the first league game but missed out narrowly in the final to finish as runners-up in the American College Cricket North East Championship held Oct. 6 and 7 in Queens, NY.

MIT Cricket beats UMass Lowell by six wickets in thrilling last ball encounter

In a game that had its fair share of twists and turns, MIT emerged victorious thanks to an excellent all-around bowling performance and a half-century by Vaikkunth Mugunthan G.

Campus Life

Party food and relationships

Be yourself and focus on doing what you enjoy, and things will follow.

Boredom blues

You can learn a lot from an experience even if it’s not the most ideal. Be curious and be open to possibilities.

Auntie says farewell

Auntie invites would-be advice-givers to hang up their own shingle next year and start giving advice. To ready the path for the next generation, she will offer some reflections on the principles by which she has written this column.

9094 lieberman photo   jordan harrod

Uncovering bacterial evolution in our microbiome

The languages of science and faith

You don’t use the Bible to learn about any quantitative theory, England explained, “because that’s not the language that it’s speaking.” However, it understands scientific reasoning, and it’s interested in the human experience, and how we as ordinary people understand what is alive and not alive.

9059 mit rogue waves 0

How mathematicians study wave equations