After House vote on taxes, spotlight shifts to undecided senators

The fate of the tax overhaul now hinges on a handful of undecided senators, and Senate Republican leaders cannot afford to lose more than two of their members.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

The Tech wishes each of its readers a hearty enjoyment of Thanksgiving, and of the three days relaxation, which by the grace of the faculty, they are granted with it.


Rebecca’s Café to serve late night dining in Walker next spring

The new dining service will occupy a space that was previously home to Pritchett Dining, which closed in 2007, and is expected to operate from 5pm to midnight on weekdays.

8339 notadib coffeehouse
Coffeehouse Lounge, located on the third floor of MIT Student Center, opened to the students again recently after renovations. Adib Hasan–The Tech

Reflecting on the first issue of Nature and science through the ages

Despite decades of scientific advancement that separate us from the researchers in 1869, a quick look at the articles in the first issue of Nature shows that we can still relate to many of the challenges and opportunities scientists faced then.


Drop date, student center closure, airport shuttle

Drop date is tomorrow.

No fowl weather over Thanksgiving break

On Tuesday, don’t chicken out of going outside, since we will experience milder temperatures than the last few days have brought, with highs in the upper 50s and lows in the 40s. Wednesday morning and midday bring a chance of preci-pie-tation, before the rain quits cold-turkey by Wednesday evening. From...

Turnout at MIT precinct increases in Cambridge elections

MIT’s precinct 2-2 had a 252.8% voter increase from 2015 to 2017, according to Cambridge Election Commission data.


There will be no war

It is far too easy nowadays to become overwhelmed with all the strife and conflict worldwide. On all outlets of media, from CNN to Facebook, we find ourselves presented with disaster after disaster, crisis after crisis, war after war. And yet the last fifteen years have been some of the...

In support of a School of Computing at MIT

The mission of a School of Computing or an Institute-wide computing initiative should be to understand computing in all its forms, advance computing technology to support engineering, science and the humanities, educate students to be innovators of computing technology, and inform the public in the state-of-the-art of computing.

When systems biology fails to predict the biology of people

Ayyadurai’s understanding of biological health does not translate to an understanding of healthcare policy, which is geared towards ensuring widespread accessibility to medical services, and necessitates the tackling of essentially social topics such as insurance risk discrimination and whether health care itself is a universal right.

8266 mariners halloween

Hesslink ’17 turns dreams into reality at the MLB draft

MIT sports continue impressive start to fall season

Men’s football (2-1) defeated Endicott College 31-26 this past Saturday.

Samarth Mohan – a rising star in MIT Cricket Club

Samarth Mohan ’16, recalls playing ‘gully cricket’ – a popular form of ad hoc cricket played in streets – growing up in India. In the narrow streets of New Delhi, Samarth managed to learn the basics of cricket as a sport but was never a part of an organized club team....

Campus Life

Confidence matters

I am an entrepreneur, and I’m looking to start another company. I did it alone the first time, and I realized it makes sense to find a cofounder because starting a company is a hard and lonely road.

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Nir Shavit

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Dina Katabi