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A student walks past chalk art at the Stata Center that says "the Chancellor & the COD are RAPIST ENABLERS" Sept. 17.

Logs accept first woman

Formerly all-male a capella group the Logarhythms added their first female member, Quinn Brodsky ’22, to their group this year.


Ig Nobel laureate’s research on cure for kidney stones started as a bar bet

The 28th annual Ig Nobel Prize ceremony, a parody of the better known Nobel Prize ceremony, took place at Sanders Theatre at Harvard Sept. 13. Ten Ig Nobel prizes were awarded in fields ranging from Literature to Medicine, to scientists who conducted improbable research that "makes people laugh, and then think," according to its website.


ASE pass rates improve for almost all subjects

This year’s Advanced Standing Exams (ASE) saw 769 participants and an overall pass rate of 64.1 percent.

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The hacking arena minutes after the start of the competition at Johnson Ice Rink. Assel Ismoldayeva
Campus Life

September problems

The main reason Auntie suggests you pursue this man, however, is that she hopes you will fall passionately in love.

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A team of hackers present their project to a member of the judging committee at Johnson Ice Rink. Assel Ismoldayeva

Neural network visualization project wins at HackMIT

About 1,200 students from MIT and around the world coded software projects during the 24-hour hackathon held at Johnson Athletic Center.

art exhibit review

Fine wine in a faience lion

For time periods from which extant written records are few, drinking and serving vessels can serve in an illuminatory capacity. Assembling an exhibition dedicated to such artifacts, as Susanne Ebbinghaus has done at the Harvard Art Museum, provides an unparalleled opportunity for cross-cultural and cross-temporal analysis of the tradition of animal-shaped vessels that persisted over three millennia, from Greece to China.


MIT beat BU in cricket semester opener by 17 runs

MIT 159 (19.3) beat BU 142 (18.3) by 17 runs in the first cricket game of the semester.


Voting in the Democratic Primary? The MIT Dems endorse these candidates

Big political issues, such as housing affordability, public transportation, and climate change, affect everybody, whether you’re an MIT student or a local Cambridge resident. In this piece, the MIT Democrats outline which Massachusetts primary candidates they think will do the best job in promoting the public’s interests.

The importance of MIT’s telemedicine and telehealth class

MIT's "Telemedicine and Telehealth for Enhancing Global Health" class teaches students valuable information about healthcare accessibility — and it's at risk of not being offered again.

Understanding the Palestinian struggle is not difficult

"Dialogue" is not what is needed in the Palestinian struggle.


Legion M and the future of production

A discussion with the President of Legion M, the first fan-owned production company. We discuss the balance between fan ownership and fan rule, why engineers are awesome, and what to expect from the upcoming release, MANDY.

8654 megaquarium

Becoming the tycoon of aquariums

8646 dead cells

The first 48 hours of ‘Dead Cells’

Campus Life

Nine tips about spending the summer abroad

I spent this past summer in Cambridge, England doing an IROP. I met people from all over Europe, learned some British English, and even visited the hospital!

Friendship formation fears

Though wanting the good things is painful, it is still preferable to not knowing what the good things are.

The top ten things I wish I’d known when I came to MIT

MIT alum gives advice for current students.


Fluid intelligence

Artificial intelligence's meaning is vague, and its definition remains fluid as the field evolves. The Tech interviewed three PhD candidates at CSAIL, LIDS and EECS/EEMS/INCCI at MIT on how they interpret the science, and how they work to advance it.

Citizen science

A mysterious object was seen hovering on what seemed to be a perfectly normal day.

The Heavenly Palace falls

A non-operational Chinese space station long expected to fall out of orbit crashed harmlessly into the Pacific last week, but raised concerns about space debris causing damage to orbiting spacecraft.