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MIT Schwarzman College of Computing Dean Daniel Huttenlocher and CSAIL Director Daniela Rus answer questions about computational ethics at the College of Computing community forum.
letter to the editor

Endorsements are dumb

“Why should we, the readers of The Tech, care about what MIT Democrats have to say? The answer is that we shouldn’t.”


MIT to donate $850,000 to nonprofits supporting sexual abuse survivors

The nonprofits were selected by the Committee on Sexual Misconduct Prevention and Response.


Physics department suspends Seth Lloyd’s secondary appointment

Lloyd will continue to supervise students assigned to him until "MechE, Physics and MIT reach a decision about his final state.”


Global Education Office closed, study abroad to be managed by MISTI

Students will be able to receive the same level of support, assistance, and care as before.


Community forum held to discuss College of Computing organizational structure

Huttenlocher expressed an intention to incorporate computing into other majors, so that students “don't even have to be in a blended major with Course 6 to learn the parts of computing [they] want to learn and understand the paths through curriculum at MIT to get [them] there.”


Simmons Heads of House reflect on time ‘in the sponge’

John Essigmann: Simmons culture "has something to do with the architecture which allows this fluid movement of students through the building that prevents Balkanization."

guest column

Why are relationships so hard at MIT?

“Somehow, though it boasts Nobel laureates, CEOs, and some of the most brilliant minds on the face of the earth, MIT has missed one of the most crucial tenets of life.”

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Valentine's Day Gloria Lin '22
guest column

Challenges of graduate student medical leave

“I did not realize that the equivalent of S3 for graduate students is woefully inadequate.”

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MIT Men's Club Ice Hockey players Arny Leroy G (left) and Jamison Rich ’20 fight to free the puck in Saturday's game against the University of Connecticut. Ben Kettle–The Tech
icy hockey

MIT Men’s Club Ice Hockey loses 4-2 to University of Connecticut

Despite an excellent performance, the MIT Ice Hockey Club faced a 4-2 defeat against the University of Connecticut Ice Hockey Club.

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Margot Robbie returns as Harley Quinn in 'Birds of Prey'. COURTESY OF WARNER BROS
concert review

Here to party

To celebrate their new album, “Modern Animal,” Magic City Hippies embarked on a nation-wide tour and stopped in Boston to play at the Paradise Rock Club. The band showed off their diverse sound and vibrant personality.

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Students drop parachutes from Lobby 7 for 16.00 (Introduction to Aerospace Engineering and Design).
movie review

‘Birds of Prey’ is nothing to squawk at

Ever wondered how supervillains handle breakups? The wait is over!

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Magic City Hippies’ guitarists face off during their show at the Paradise Rock Club Jan. 17.
guest column

On Fossil Fuel Divestment Day, MIT still refuses to act

“MIT has not divested its $17 billion endowment from its fossil fuel holdings, which MIT Divest is fighting for.”

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The Media Lab’s ‘Off the Charts’ art installation explores life experience as a deaf person. Lay Jain–The Tech
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Julia Garner stars in 'The Assistant' as Jane, a new assistant at a film production company. Courtesy of Bleecker Street Media
movie review

Gotta go see ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’

The CG Sonic fits almost seamlessly in his more realistic environment and expresses his feelings of enthusiasm, frustration, and anger through convincing and life-like facial quirks.

art exhibit review

Art requires research too

Albee’s exhibition features a collection of photographic prints and a video-based installation. The artist reflects on the influence that Robert Blanchon had on her during their brief, one-year friendship.

movie review

Working for Hollywood

“The Assistant” acts as a period piece, set in a time before the Weinstein scandals and #MeToo movement.

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Ben Schwartz voices Sonic in ‘Sonic the Hedgehog.’ Courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Sega of America
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Becca Albee pays homage to Robert Blanchon with her installation in the List Center, on display until Feb. 9.

MIT Democrats endorses Elizabeth Warren for President of the United States

“We need a candidate who has a proven record of enacting structural change and who will fight fearlessly to reform our financial and political systems and save our planet.”

Moving Latin America forward: how to accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence

MIT is arguably the most ideal place to kickstart the development of wide-reaching initiatives in AI that would socially benefit and boost growth of Latin America.

Seth Lloyd should continue teaching at MIT

How can MIT expect to avoid catastrophes like this Epstein situation in the future, if it incentivizes faculty not to confront and apologize for any moral failings they feel they have been involved with?

Campus Life

Stressed-out senior

Just take a first step in a direction that seems right for you at this moment in time. Things will change, and that’s alright.

Party food and relationships

Be yourself and focus on doing what you enjoy, and things will follow.

Boredom blues

You can learn a lot from an experience even if it’s not the most ideal. Be curious and be open to possibilities.


The Holten-Andersen Group’s approach to bio-inspired materials

There is no question that nature is the best engineer. As hard as material scientists try, replicating nature’s intricate processes and networks is a holy grail that often seems nearly unattainable. Instead of attempting to copy nature, some scientists draw inspiration from nature’s mechanisms and apply them to the synthesis...

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Creating compounds with catalysts

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Starving cancer by controlling cell proliferation