MIT releases findings on relation to slavery, founder William Barton Rogers was a slaveholder

Green found that 11 of the 18 racialized images within the first 30 years of The Tech and the first 15 years of Technique depicted black people as waiters, even though research has shown that black people during that time period in Boston had a variety of occupations.


Smoking to be banned in all campus living spaces fall 2019

A survey conducted by East Campus leadership found that seven percent of residents in the dorm smoked.

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A disco ball-shaped hack appeared in Lobby 7 the morning of Feb. 12 and then was taken down quite promptly. Torri Yearwood–The Tech

Remembering Amelia Perry

Amelia Perry G died Jan. 30 at hir home in Somerville. A fifth year PhD student in mathematics, Perry is well remembered by many for hir charm, wit, and passion to fight against injustice.

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Amelia Perry was a devoted and talented musician. Courtesy of Amelia's Family

Slippery and confused

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by the numbers

Alternative Valentine’s Day origin stories

The history of Valentine’s Day is pretty vague. So why not try and theorize how it started?


New House floods again, due to sprinkler

The floodwater affected six dorm rooms housing seven students.


Former MIT chancellor Bacow named next Harvard president

“At times Bacow didn’t seem to realize that other people had different visions of MIT than he did," The Tech wrote in a 2001 editorial.


Institute centralizes bias reporting for students

During its first semester, T9BR received around ten reports of non-gender-based bias.


Graduate students open The February School, a creative event space

The events span the interests of the organizers: creating meaning through reading, filming still objects, practicing JavaScript injection, watching Nollywood films, and gardening.


Blood drive, President’s Day, Monday schedule on Tuesday

Monday, Feb. 19 is an Institute holiday for President’s Day. Tuesday, Feb. 20 will follow a Monday schedule.

Uncertain chance of snow over the weekend

Unusual warmth will envelop the Northeast in advance of an approaching cold front and rain tonight. Highs today will soar into the 50s °F today and remain warm through mid-day tomorrow.

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Community Climate Conversation brings together students, entrepreneurs, NGOs, investors


#pick8: Fighting for Massachusetts’s prisoners

Not only will your interactions with these inmates help bring “a sense of normalcy” to their lives and help their development, but they will also challenge your own ideas of what is normal and help you develop various aspects of your life.

MIT, you’ve got commitment issues

People, institutions, and the relationships within all grow and change over time. We can’t be afraid of that; in fact, we should embrace it. Perhaps in the best relationships, partners grow alongside one another, committing to both give and take in a mutual exchange built on reciprocal trust and respect.

Climate change and the terrifying cost of being young

The economic decisions we make today must account for both the future and immediate impacts to ensure my generation inherits an economy marked by prosperity rather than climate chaos.

Campus Life

“I will not forget what my mother dreamed”

Since that time, I have longed to see snow and to encounter exotic experiences that I could not find in Thailand.

“I hope to share this wild ingenuity with the world”

When the sand became too much of an obstacle to plow through, we took to digging into the earth as pirates, eager to find the precious hidden booty of Dr. Phillips island.

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