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Astronautics professor Dava Newman was named the first woman director of the Media Lab December 2020. Joanna Lin — The Tech

Professor Dava Newman named new director of MIT Media Lab

Newman: “Leading the legendary Media Lab — that's a dream job, I think, for anyone. So I actually just consider myself very, very fortunate.”

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Housing License Agreements, departure plans, MLK day

Students returning to campus should sign their Housing License Agreements as soon as possible.


Ad hoc faculty committees formed in response to MIT’s Epstein ties release reports

The report from the Committee on Guidelines for Outside Engagements describes the drafting and revision process with an emphasis on community engagement.


Winter welcomes IAP

Temperatures have been fairly cold, but we have not yet experienced a day with temperatures below the climatological average for this time of year.

guest column

Reporting on rising food insecurity, unemployment, and infection: local organizations confront American maladies

“There are so many fallouts that are going to hit the people who are always hit hardest, even harder,” says Cauble-Johnson. “The chickens have come home to roost here.”

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Donald Trump is who he said he was

The 2020 Olympics may have been postponed, but that hasn’t stopped the mental gymnastics of many former Trump-backers as they bend backwards to save their reputations from sinking along with the now-disgraced administration.

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Making a better world? Define better.

We believe there needs to be fundamental change to address ethics and the social implications of science and technology in everything we do at MIT. Leadership statements are a start, but not nearly enough.

video game review

Puzzling through romance

Considering ‘A Fold Apart’ is Lightning Rod Games’ first foray into the world, I will give them credit for creating an honest portrayal of the hardships of a long-distance relationship as well as creating a puzzle game with unique mechanics, but I would have expected smoother gameplay since the team consists of industry veterans.


Pre-registration, IAP, doctoral theses

Pre-registration for spring classes will continue until Jan. 29.

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MIT admits 719 Early Action applicants

Lloyd will face ‘a set of disciplinary actions’ that will ‘limit’ his compensation

Schmidt wrote that he arrived at the decision after “conferring with senior administrative and faculty leaders, as well as” a review panel, which sought to determine if “Lloyd violated MIT policies,” and an evaluation committee, which sought to recommend “a set of disciplinary actions.”

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It’s time to connect ourselves with our planet

Autism research from an Autistic perspective

The suffering I have experienced has been because of misunderstanding, rejection, judgement, isolation, and abuse. The suffering I have experienced has been because of how others perceive and treat me as an Autistic person.

The “Soro Soke” generation of Nigerians

Even in our sorrow, there is an undeniable truth that many of the youth that have taken to the streets during these protests — whether it be the Nigerian streets or the Twitter streets incessantly tweeting with the hashtag #EndSARS — have woken up.

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‘Twas a dark and stormy audio play

The rise of Rina Sawayama’s pop dynasty

‘SAWAYAMA’ masterfully renders pop as a medium for both socio-political commentary and personal narrative.

Trying to not starve together

There’s a certain kind of solidarity when you’re starving to death with friends 

Campus Life

Frustration and empathy are conflicting

Extending empathy to those who are struggling used to be something I defaulted to and something I championed to others.

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Where the sidewalk ends…

I love you

Teosinte, widely-regarded corn ancestor? Lame.