Undergraduate Association Election Candidates, 2007–2008

Undergraduate Association Election Candidates, 2007–2008

Class of 2008

Class of 2009

Class of 2010

‡ This is the official list of candidates running for Undergraduate Association Class Council. The list that ran in the March 13 issue mistakenly omitted Class of 2008 Publicity Chair candidates Jennifer A. D'Ascoli and Estevan (Milo) Martinez. Also, there is now no official candidate for Class of 2008 Treasurer.

* Dilwali is listed as having "violated election rules" on the voting Web site. This is a contentious statement, please see the story on page 1 for more details.

§ Kang is also a photographer for The Tech.

Source: Michelle Jeong '08, UA Election Commission Chair

Hachem Alaoui Soce Spencer R. Sugimoto Prashant K. Dilwali* Peter A. Lamb Christopher A. Fematt & Jeffrey T. Kirby
President Phi T. Ho
Vice President Rajat Bhalla
Secretary Christina S. Kang
Publicity Chairs Jennifer A. D'Ascoli & Estevan (Milo) Martinez ‡
Social Chairs Connie C. Yeh & Stephen A. Steger
Eugene Jang Vivian Tang Deepa Mokshagundam Wendy Wen
President Akash A. Chandawarkar
Vice President Christine Chin
Treasurer Angela L. Cantu
Secretary Ting Ting Luo
Publicity Chairs Arjun Naskar & Demario D. Dayton
Social Chairs Tina P. Srivastava & Amirah Nabiyah Khan
President Jason A. Scott
Vice President Laura H. Han
Treasurer Wen Y. Tang
Secretary Natasha (Tash) Bosanac
Publicity Chairs Crystal J. Mao & Tiffany T. Chu
Social Chairs Steven H. Hong & Thomas W. Hay