Results of Spring 2007 UA Election

Results of Spring 2007 UA Election

UA President and Vice President

Martin F. Holmes '08 and Ali S. Wyne '08 ¥ (1019 Votes)

Class of 2008

Class of 2009

Class of 2010

* Unopposed candidate

† Incumbent

¥ Wyne is also an opinion staff writer for The Tech

§ Kang is also a photographer for The Tech

President Phi T. Ho 293 Votes
Vice President Rajat Bhalla 227 Votes
Treasurer Anthony M. Cappaert 72 Votes
Secretary Christina S. Kang* 381 Votes
Publicity Chairs Jennifer D'Ascoli

& Estevan (Milo) Martinez †

302 Votes
Social Chairs Connie C. Yeh

& Stephen A. Steger*

413 Votes
President Vivian Tang 232 Votes
Vice President Deepa Mokshagundam 208 Votes
Treasurer Angela L. Cantu* 356 Votes
Secretary Ting Ting Luo* 327 Votes
Publicity Chairs Arjun Naskar

& Demario D. Dayton*

374 Votes
Social Chairs Tina P. Srivastata

& Amirah Nabiyah Khan*†

377 Votes
President Jason A. Scott* 344 Votes
Vice President Laura H. Han* 328 Votes
Treasurer Wen Y. Tang* 332 Votes
Secretary Natasha (Tash) Bosanac* 330 Votes
Publicity Chairs Crystal J. Mao

& Tiffany T. Chu*

337 Votes
Social Chairs Steven H. Hong

& Thomas W. Hay*

329 Votes