Daniel J. Barclay '07

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Daniel J. Barclay '07
MIT News Office

Daniel J. Barclay '07 was found dead on Friday, April 20 in an apparent boating-related accident. He was 22.

At MIT, Barclay received a bachelor's degree in economics and was finishing his master's thesis in political science, according to a memorial page established by Barclay's family.

"We offer our sympathy, prayers and support to Daniel's family and friends as they grieve the loss of a bright and positive member of the Institute community," said Kirk D. Kolenbrander, vice president for Institute affairs, as reported by the MIT News Office.

Friends and family have remembered Barclay as smart and personable with a great sense of humor.

"This kid just won awards all over the place," said Paula Kayton, Barclay's grandmother, to the Cape Cod Times. "He was just a brilliant, brilliant person."

Barclay's mother, Susan L. Kayton '78, told The Tech that Barclay was strongly involved with MIT's Debate Team, spending his weekends debating at colleges throughout the nation.

"He was a very good debater," said Adam J. Goldstein '09, president of the debate team, to the Cape Cod Times. "He had a good sense of humor. He was always joking around."

Barclay's aunt, Betty Kerns, told the Cape Cod Times that Barclay "was the most irreverent in the family. … I'd always look to Daniel as an example of somebody who could apply himself and do well and maintain a sense of humor," said Kerns.

In an online memorial, Denise Lanfranchi, house manager for Ashdown House, where Barclay lived, wrote that he had "a delicious sense of humor."

Richard J. Samuels, Barclay's freshman advisor, wrote that he was "extremely fond of [Barclay]," and that Daniel was "a pleasure to know, and a pleasure to work with."

Barclay's mother Kayton previously told The Tech that her son's favorite class was Toy Product Development (SP.788). "He said it was his favorite class at all of MIT."

Barry M. Kudrowitz G, an instructor for SP.778, said Barclay was "really eager" and "interested in everything." "He showed up for every class," said Kudrowitz.

As part of the class, groups had to design toys for six and seven year-olds. Barclay's group project was a fascinating toy made up of little sea creatures, said Kudrowitz.

According to Institute Chaplain Robert M. Randolph, a memorial service has been tentatively scheduled for 8 p.m. Thursday, April 26 in the chapel, with a reception to follow.

Barclay is survived by his mother, father, Michael Barclay, and sister, Rachel, 19.