Editor's Note

Dear Reader,

As you may have noticed, MIT is full of people who are highly committed to energy and sustainability issues, from President Susan Hockfield with the Energy Initiative to numerous student groups involved in almost every imaginable aspect of environmentally-conscious action and innovation. Add to that the professors who have made it their business to pursue research related to sustainability issues, and the Facilities staff who oversee MIT's own energy use, and you begin to get an idea of just how unlikely it would be that we could cover all the worthwhile projects happening on campus.

However, in recognition of Earth Day, and MIT's celebration of Earth Week, we'll try to give you a sample of what MIT is up to, thinking globally, acting locally, and bringing that peculiarly MIT mix of focus, determination, and sleep-deprived competence to the challenges at hand. Inside this section is by no means a comprehensive list of actors and projects, but simply what we happened upon when we poked around in busy waters.

An events calendar is on the right. For a more comprehensive overview of the energy communities at MIT, you can visit:

The EcoExpo page provides abstracts of a number of student activities, all of which will be showcased at the EcoExpo on Thursday night (

Happy Earth Week!

Rosa Cao

Executive Editor