MIT RecycleMania 2007 Final Rankings

MIT RecycleMania 2007 Final Rankings

Single Dormitories Family Dormitories The winners of this year's MIT RecycleMania are Edgerton House and Westgate Apartments. Prizes will be given out this Thursday at Stata Center's Amphitheater at 12:45 p.m. This is the third year MIT has participated in RecycleMania.

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1. Edgerton House

2. Random Hall

3. Green Hall

4. The Warehouse

5. Tang Residence Hall

6. Next House

7. Bexley Hall

8. Simmons Hall

9. MacGregor House

10. Sidney-Pacific

11. Burton-Conner House

12. McCormick Hall

13. New House

14. Baker House

15. East Campus

16. Ashdown House

17. Senior House

1. Westgate Apartments

2. Eastgate Apartments