Institute Wisdom Watch

MIT pays the decontamination bill for boat hit by sodium. Good job for being a responsible member of the local community. — thumbs up

LaVerde’s Market is no longer open 24 hours a day. How will 6.170 students, pre-meds, and reading room lovers feed themselves now? — thumbs down

Boston University Student Dental Plan excludes MIT students after MIT student complaints. Sometimes the squeaky wheel gets thrown away. — thumbs down

Lobby 7 doors periodically fail to operate despite the replacement of key parts. Just so we are clear, MIT has the smartest engineers in the world … — thumbs down

MIT Museum spends $3 million on upgrades. Old hacks now have a nicer home. — thumbs up

Freshmen rejected from 8.012 because they weren’t the best at the math diagnostic. The options to escape TEAL continue to dwindle … — thumbs down

The Interfraternity Council takes no action in response to numerous rush violations. At least this year’s rush was a little more honest about Greek life. — thumbs down

MIT falls from fourth to seventh in U.S. News college rankings. Now, if only we knew what these rankings mean … — question mark

MIT Community Picnic. Thanks for the cushion. How much did it cost? — thumbs down

Ashdown House bedbug infestation apparently quelled. Next stop, mice? — thumbs up