News Briefs

UMOC Donates to Transition House

A total of $1,261.80 was raised through Alpha Phi Omega’s Unholiest huMan on Campus competition, which ended Nov. 2. The sum will be donated to Transition House, an organization combatting domestic violence.

Transition House was the designated charity this year’s UMOC winner who raised a total of $348.32 over the course of the week. This individual, who ran under the pseudonym “Talia Winters,” declined to comment. (For full results, see the table on page 12.)

“I thought that the competition went well,” UMOC coordinator Ekaterina Kuznetsova ’09 said. “People campaigned a lot.”

Many campaigns effectively used jokes as platforms, Kuznetsova said. “A distressed middle schooler came by and asked if the Dead Kitten Society really killed kittens.” Miriam A. Madsen’s ’09 campaign was also effective, Kuznetsova said. Madsen ran under the title of “Condom Needler” with the accompanying threat of sabotaging contraceptives.

Natalia N. Chernenko ’08, whose charity was the Charles River Watershed Association, hosted a poetry reading of “The Beast of 666.” Her campaign slogan, “An Orgy of Pregnant Pollution,” was taken from the poem and used to describe the Charles River.

“It was really fun to campaign,” Chernenko said. In the penultimate place at the start of the last voting day, Chernenko said she “didn’t even know [she] would get that much money.”

Last year’s UMOC raised $711.35 for the Big Jimmy Memorial Scholarship Fund.

—Ryan Ko