Top Salaries Paid by MIT From 2005–2006

Top Salaries Paid by MIT From 2005–2006

Source: MIT IRS 990 Form

Salaries include compensation and benefits for fiscal year 2006, the most recent available. The percent change is from the previous fiscal year. The salaries include those of MIT executive officers, the top five highest-paid employees, and other officers listed in the IRS 990 form for FY 2006.

* Includes $687,054 of incentive compensation earned in FY 2006 and paid in FY 2007 without deferral because of Bufferd’s retirement on May 15, 2006

** Includes $100,000 of deferred compensation

*** Includes $30,600 from a standard Children’s Scholarship Benefit. Brown also received $30,600 in FY 2005.

**** Does not include $40,000 of incentive compensation. The amount can decrease or increase depending on the performance of the endowment and of certain benchmarks; payment is contingent on continued employment by MIT.

Name Title Compensation Percent Change
Allan S. Bufferd ’59 Treasurer $1,555,672 * 88.7
Susan Hockfield President $753,124 ** 21.0
Gabriel R. Bitran PhD ’75 Deputy Dean, Sloan School $686,600 27.8
Donald R. Lessard Professor, Sloan School $606,145 2.0
Charles M. Vest Professor; Former President $479,143 -29.6
L. Rafael Reif Provost $472,030 N/A
Sherwin Greenblatt Executive Vice President $416,015 N/A
Steven C. Marsh Managing Director of Real Estate, MIT Investement Management Company $400,695 N/A
Philip Rotner Managing Director of Private Equity, MITIMCo $398,157 N/A
Daniel T. Steele Managing Director of Private Equity, MITIMCo $391,382 N/A
Joel Moses PhD ’67 Institute Professor $388,597 N/A
John M. Deutch ’61 Institute Professor $355,340 N/A
Phillip L. Clay PhD ’75 Chancellor $317,967 17.8
Kathryn A. Willmore Vice President and Secretary of the Corporation $284,769 18.1
Dana G. Mead PhD ’67 Chairman of the Corporation $280,557 23.4
Paul E. Gray ’54 Former President $147,065 N/A
John R. Curry Prior Executive Vice President $90,125 -80.4
Robert A. Brown Prior Provost $74,541 *** -84.4
Seth Alexander President, MITIMCo $74,646 **** N/A
Howard W. Johnson Former President; Former Chairman of the Corporation $41,787 N/A