Amended Motion Presented at Dec. 19 Faculty Meeting

Amended Motion Presented at Dec. 19 Faculty Meeting

In light of the Star Simpson event and in the interest of more effective communication, we, the MIT faculty, request that the MIT administration consider the following principles when making public statements that might characterize or otherwise interpret — through news office releases, legal agents, or any other means — the behavior and motives of members of the MIT community

¶ Select language carefully so as not to prejudge the situation or the individual(s) involved;

¶ Be guided by applicable privacy laws (FERPA);

¶ Make statements that do not characterize individuals — only the incident; avoid judgments that might adversely affect the individual in potential criminal proceedings;

¶ Give due consideration to institutional or public sentiments and, when appropriate, provide context that will contribute to institutional and public understanding;

¶ In all cases and beyond any press considerations, provide support to students.

We offer this resolution to foster mutual trust within the MIT community and to promote due process for all.

Sponsored by Chancellor Philip L. Clay PhD ’75