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Ask A TA

Ask A TA

This week features TAs asking TAs questions because you undergrads don’t ever write in. You also never show up to recitation. You think we like having recitations just so we can monologue to ourselves? Seriously, if you have any questions about life or, hell, even the midterm, write to us at Putting it off until the night before won’t be fun for either of us.


Dear TAs, I’m debating between buying the games World of Warcraft and Second Life. Which one should I choose?

—Hypothetical Nightmare Undergrad

Dear Hypothetical Nightmare Undergrad,

I’ll let you in on some common TA knowledge: the easiest tests to grade are those that are nearly perfect or nearly empty. The tests falling between these two extremes take up over 80% of the time. With this in mind, the real question isn’t which game should you buy, but rather: should you buy both or none at all? Regardless of your choice, you’ll be less likely to land in that middle testing ground. Now one option coincides quite well with the mentality of a 15-year-old, while the other may appeal to a 45-year old-nun. Hey, I like running my level 10 Night Elf around Felwood as much as the next guy. Seriously, who doesn’t love collecting shrubs, rocks and animal hides for hours on end? But in the same token, I like giving out perfect papers. Besides, wouldn’t you rather pwn your exam rather than some newbs? So despite being irked by the thought of growing up, I might have to agree with the old nun.

—TA David Shirokoff G