Campus Life

Campus Life Special Edition: Rants and Raves

Let’s be honest, February sucked. Here at MIT, we were subjected to absolutely miserable weather and the resumption of hell, which the administration innocently refers to as “classes.” In the real world, or at least the world outside MIT, we witnessed nightmares such as the Patriots losing the Super Bowl, Britney and Jamie Lynne spiraling downward faster than anyone thought possible, and, oh yeah — numerous foreign and domestic government issues. We can’t remember a time when the collective student body sported more frowns or played more emo music, and included in this sad state of affairs is The Tech’s staff.

So, in the spirit of healthy habits, we’ve decided to get a few things off our chests in the hopes that we’ll move on. At the very least, our psychotherapists will be pleased that we’ve transitioned from passive-aggressive to just aggressive.

—Caroline Huang