UROP Proposal System Moves to Web for All Students by Summer

In many departments, UROP research proposals can now be submitted online by students and approved online by faculty and UROP coordinators.

This change to an online system from a paper process, which has been used since UROP began in 1969, is intended to make the proposal process easier. Previously, undergraduates applying for UROPs had to submit hard copy cover sheets and proposals and obtain signatures from faculty supervisors and departmental UROP coordinators.

Because the approval process can now be done remotely, it will be especially helpful for students and faculty who may be unable to meet in person, Associate Dean Michael Bergren said.

Christina J. Sher ’08, who has a Course XVI UROP, used the new system this semester and said it was “much more efficient.” “Usually, it’s really inconvenient for me to try to schedule a time for the signature,” Sher said.

Sher said she was not worried that the new system would lessen her contact with her faculty supervisor but that “really depends on the student.” “One of the reasons why a lot of students want to do a UROP is to get that exposure to a professor,” Sher said.

The new online system is being rolled out in phases and should be in place for all departments by the summer, according to UROP Program Coordinator Melissa J. Martin-Greene. The system was piloted in January for several departments and was expanded to additional departments in February.

Students may find that the new system gives them more breathing room. Although online proposals are due at the same time as paper applications, an online proposal need not receive faculty and coordinator approval before the deadline. Martin-Greene said that this may lead to changes in deadlines for future semesters.

Using the online system, departments can access information about their department’s UROPs instead of having to obtain it from Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming or set up their own database systems.

Students will be able to see historical information like their past project titles and whether old projects were for credit or pay. Professors and UROP coordinators will be able to see this information for all their students.

Old UROP proposals are not available in the new system, but proposals submitted online will be accessible in the future.

Students and faculty can also complete UROP evaluations on the site.

The system is currently accessible online to MIT certificate holders at

The system was designed by Information Services & Technology in collaboration with the UAAP. The departments currently using the system include Course I, II, V, VI, VII, VIII, XI, XV, XVII, XVIII, XX, CSAIL, HST, ISN, LFEE, LIDS, LNS, MAS, MKI, MTL, PSFC, and RLE.