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WMBR Top Five 5th Symphonies

WMBR Top Five 5th Symphonies

1. Jean Sibelius’s Symphony no. 5

2. Glenn Branca’s Symphony no. 5 (Describing Planes of an Expanding Hypersphere

3. Gustav Mahler’s Symphony no. 5

4. Hans Werner Henze’s Symphony no. 5

5. Ludwig van Beethoven’s Symphony no. 5

Honorable Mentions: Carl Nielsen’s Symphony no. 5, Charles Ives’s Universe Symphony (in theory), and Olivier Messaien’s Turangalîla Symphony played five times in a row.

Wake up Friday mornings and turn on WMBR 88.1 FM to hear classical music from the last 100 or so years. It’s a respectable and enjoyable hobby, and listening to long-form music (which is by no means limited to classical music) can encourage you to become more patient and thoughtful. Make some oatmeal, look out the window, and consider how many years of life you have in front of you. You will be old soon. Why not get a head start at listening to old people’s music? Then you’ll be 50 years ahead of the game and establish clear primacy over your latecomer friends. In the far future they’ll say, “hey, Maude and Walter and I are going over to the opera tonight, after bingo,” and you’ll just be all like, “whatever, posers.”

DJ name: Chris M.

Show name: The Land of Sand and Birds

Show description: 20th century classical music and other related ethnic music of Western civilization

Time slot: Friday mornings from 6–8 a.m.