Police Seek Intruder Who Tried to Assault Student

An intruder tried to sexually assault at least one Senior House resident early Sunday morning. The intruder apparently fled after attracting attention from residents.

A Campus Police bulletin describes the suspect as male, white, between 5 7 –5 9 tall, 18–20 years old, thin, and having brown eyes and brown hair “with the front spiked up.”

According to the police bulletin, the suspect was well dressed, “wearing a white button down oxford shirt with vertical satin stripes, and nice dark colored jeans.” The suspect may have gotten into Senior House as a party guest; at least two parties were held Saturday night.

A female student was asleep in her room and woke up when the suspect entered her bed early Sunday morning, according to the bulletin. She reported the incident to the police at 6:20 a.m. About ten minutes later, a male student reported seeing a suspicious person in his doorway, according to the police bulletin. It is unclear why or when the suspect left.

Anyone with information about the incident can contact the MIT Police detective assigned to the case, Jay A. Perault, at (617) 452-3731; or the police station directly at (617) 253-1212; or the anonymous tip line (617) 258-8477.