2009 Sophomore Standing Numbers Roughly the Same

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The percentage of freshmen offered sophomore standing hovers from 14-17% each year. Typically, around 10-11% of freshmen end up with sophomore standing.
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Many freshmen accept sophomore standing to declare a major and get a dept. advisor early.
SOURCE: Julie B. Norman, Office of Undergraduate Advising and Academic Programming

This year, 128 freshmen accepted early sophomore status out of the 1051 students in the Class of 2012. 181 qualified for early sophomore standing. The percentage of freshmen offered sophomore standing this year is consistent with the percentages of recent years.

The most popular majors for 2012’s early sophomores were Course VI (Electrical Engineering and Computer Science), Course XVIII (Mathematics), Course VIII (Physics), and Course X (Chemical Engineering). These majors have been the most popular majors declared by early sophomores for several years.

21 students accepting sophomore standing chose to remain undeclared.

Students are eligible for sophomore standing if they have completed one-fourth of the credits required for earning a degree. Accepting early sophomore status removes the 57 credit limit for freshmen and grants the opportunity to declare a subject as exploratory. Those who declare a major are assigned a departmental advisor.

The number of students accepting early sophomore status dramatically increased in 2003, when Pass/No Record was changed from being first and second semester freshman year to only first semester, with A/B/C/No Record coming into play second semester.