GSC To Hold Elections for 2009–2010 Officers

GSC To Hold Elections for 2009–2010 Officers

The following are excerpts from the platforms of each candidate in the 2009 2010 Graduate Student Council elections. There are currently no nominations for the position of secretary. The new officers will be elected during the GSC’s April General Council Meeting tomorrow, April 1, at 5:30 p.m. in Room 50-220. Additional nominations may be accepted during the meeting, but only current members of the GSC are eligible to vote. For each candidate’s full platform and for more information about the election, visit the GSC election website at

President Alex H. Chan

“Even in bad economic times, I promise to not just maintain the level of graduate student life at MIT but to bring it to an entirely different level. I will innovate and create to bring MIT graduate student life to new heights, and I will make the GSC transparent, respected and even stronger as an organization.”

Charles A. Gammal

“The purpose of the GSC is to create positive change within the MIT graduate community. This entails identifying important issues, addressing them quickly and efficiently, and communicating the results to the graduate community. My strong belief that we can significantly improve this process is the foundation of my vision.”

Paul R. Monasterio

“I intend to continue to lead the Council efficiently and effectively, to realize a vision in which the GSC reconnects with the graduate student body and successfully engages with the administration, to create mechanisms to address the effects of the global economic climate on graduate students, and to develop a sense of common purpose to improve the bonds between generations of graduate student leadership.”

Vice President Kevin A. McComber

“A stronger graduate student coalition in the Boston area and across the nation can serve as a unified voice for student advocacy as well as a useful platform for sharing best practices and networking.”

Treasurer Nan Gu

“If elected, I will aim to bring continuity to the GSC, focusing on balance and stabilization, but also with an eye towards the future and an appreciation for the gravity of the tasks ahead.”