Shotokan Karate Dominates in First Area Competition of the Year, Nearly Sweeps

The MIT Shotokan Karate participated in the Battle for Boston Tournament on October 24. The team fielded 11 students and nearly swept the competition in both Kumite (sparring) and Kata (forms).

In the advanced division, Santolina Savannet G, an assistant captain and instructor, won first place in Advanced Individual Kata 18-22, Grand Champion in Kata, second place in Advanced Individual Kumite, and second place in Advanced Team Kumite with Piotr Fidkowski G and Michael T. Snella G. Brian T. Neltner G, the team captain and instructor, won first place in Advanced Individual Kata 23-25, second place in Weapons Forms, and second place in Advanced Team Kata with Savannet and Fidkowski.

Fidkowski, also a club instructor, came in first place in Men’s Advanced Kumite 18-22, and second in the Grand Championship for Kumite. In the Boston Battle competition, he and Samantha N. Powers ’12 came in third place overall. Fidkowski also managed to just edge out Neltner for first place in Weapons Kata. Snella also came in first place in the Boston Battle competition.

In the intermediate division, Vazrik Chiloyan ’11’s team, including Yves Matton G and Powers, won first place in Team Kumite. Vazrik also won first place in Men’s Kumite 18-22 and Men’s Kata 18-22, as well as third place in Grand Champion Kumite, coming in just behind Fidkowski. Powers won first place in Women’s Intermediate Kumite 18-22 and third place in Kata 18-22. Yves Matton placed second in Kata 18-22.

In the beginner division, Alexander P. Clayton ’13 and Emily K. Rosser ’12 won second and third place, respectively, in Individual Kata 18-22, and a team of Nathan W. Brei 11, Clayton, and Julian Lemus ’13 won second place in Team Kata.

The next round for the team begins in mid-November.