CONCERT REVIEW Perfectly inappropriate

Bad Taste was shocking, disgusting, <br />horrible, and delightful, as usual

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Hao Ding ‘10 reads the “List of the Offended,” a (non-exclusive) list of everyone who may get offended by the songs or skits during the concert.
Yuanyu Chen—The Tech
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Cecilia R. Louis ’10 sings the Bad Taste rendition of “Halo” by Beyonce, this time based on the XBOX video game Halo, including lyrics such as “kick your ass in Halo.”
Yuanyu Chen—The Tech
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Lady Gaga (Michael R. Blaisse ’10) shares the Chorallaries’ version of “One Fish, Two Fish, Next Fish, New Fish” as Hannah S. Israel ’12 holds the picture book up for the audience to see. The story mocked the sexual lives of MIT students, and included rhymes such as “But [MIT girls] spend all their time learning Einstein and Feynman, and don’t leave enough time for breaking the hymen!”
Yuanyu Chen—The Tech

nth Annual Concert in Bad Taste

The MIT Chorallaries


February 7, 2010

Most of us remember our first times — especially if in the process we were rapped painfully on the head several times by streaming toilet paper rolls.

Yes, I’m talking about Bad Taste.

An MIT tradition, the nth Annual Concert in Bad Taste showcases the MIT Chorallaries at their raunchiest, most politically incorrect, offensive, and entertaining. It’s the result of countless late nights of planning, traditionally held in Athena clusters. On the night of the event, fans begin the queue as much as 72 hours in advance for a chance to experience the offensiveness first hand.

Last Saurday, the long wait, the pushing, shoving and sweat-impregnated air were all worth it when a naked Asian man carrying a black box sauntered nonchalantly into 26-100, the same lecture hall shared by the likes of Eric Lander and the creator of XKCD. After mounting the table and artfully dogging several well-aimed toilet paper rolls, he began enunciating this year’s long List of the Offended.

This year’s performance included Thomas M. Ciesielski ’11 reading of the best quips from I Saw You MIT read, and a bed time story narrated by the Blue Boy, Brian G. Coffee ’13, who just stepped into the realm of adulthood.

And of course, there was Michael R. Blaisse ’10, who pulled off a hilariously convincing Lady Gaga.

The I Saw You MIT updates say it all: “I saw Bad Taste, on stage, as Lady Gaga. Was your muffin really bluffin? I hope not. I have a Crisco stick I could use your help with.”