Letters to the Editor

Tech can do without sex column

Far be it from me to silence a columnist from this bastion of shrewd and independent thought, but “Various States of Undress,” your sex-advice piece, is getting out of hand. I admire M.’s desire to talk about issues not normally covered in The Tech, but it has become appallingly apparent that she is only interested in airing out her dirty laundry, so to speak.

I understand she’s been through some hard times, but a campus newspaper does not seem like the appropriate forum for her to complain about how much her life sucks. Right now the only advice she’s giving out is for men to avoid her, lest they find themselves torn apart publicly by a writer with the least effective pseudonym ever. There must be hordes of people more qualified to write a relationships column at MIT, and if none of them want to do it, I certainly can get by without one. Craigslist’s missed connections page is far more amusing.

­— Waciuma W. Maina ’10