In Short

In Short

Samuel M. Allen has been nominated to serve as Chair of the Faculty from 2011–2013. For other faculty committee nominations, including CAP, CoC, CoD, and CUP, please see the May faculty meeting notice at

UA elections results are expected this Saturday or Sunday, UA Elections Commissioner Sun Kim ’11 said.

MIT’s policy on hidden first term grades will change slightly, assuming a motion made at Wednesday’s faculty meeting passes next month. Those grades will no longer be made available to medical schools, since schools like Johns Hopkins no longer require them. But those grades do matter — a first term GPA lower than a B would disqualify a student from ACG and SMART grants, which supplement Pell grants.

Aero/Astro may soon have a flexible engineering degree, 16-ENG, professor Ian A. Waitz proposed to the faculty on Wednesday. Well-received, the proposal will be voted on in April.

MIT will study the electric grid to assess “potential benefits of grid expansion as well as of extensive deployment of new and emerging smart-grid related technologies” with a $100k NIST-funded grant, Senator John Kerry announced Tuesday.

Do freshman cheat on MasteringPhysics? A new study looks, p. 14.

MIT’s Jonathan Gruber under fire from Congress, p. 15.

Peter Diamond’s Fed nomination, p. 14.