Tuesday’s article about the Class of 2014 council incorrectly reported that Jonathan Chien ’14, Oliver R. Song ’14, and Jean Xin ’14 are publicity co-chairs. Chien is the sole publicity chair. Song and Xin are social co-chairs.

A headline on page 7 of Tuesday’s print edition incorrectly stated that the “Tang case may resume as a jury trial on Dec. 1” Dec. 1 is the tentative date if Tang continues with a bench trial. Tang may elect to have a jury trial, but the schedule for that is unknown.

The caption for a photo on the front page of Tuesday’s issue incorrectly stated that Undergraduate Association President Vrajesh Modi and Vice President Sammi Wyman presided over Monday’s UA Senate meeting. It is the UA speaker, Jonte D. Craighead ’13, who presides over the Senate, not the UA President or Vice President.

Tuesday’s story about the parkour and free-running event at Boston City Hall Plaza mistakenly referred to one of the competitors as “Patrick Carter.” His name is Patrick Bryan.