Beta gets 4-year ban on parties

Beta gets 4-year ban on parties

Beta Theta Pi (Beta) is under social probation until fall of 2014, the result of an alcohol-related rush violation this year, according to IFC President Ryan Schoen ’11. They will not be permitted to hold social events (parties) outside of Rush for the next four years.

Beta’s case is currently under appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Interfraternity Council (IFC). On Sunday, Sept. 5, Beta had a hearing with the IFC’s Rush Infractions Board for an alcohol-related rush violation.

The Rush Infractions Board recommended Beta’s expulsion to the IFC President’s Council. The council voted against expulsion. Instead, Beta is currently under a four-year social probation.

Beta will still be allowed to conduct rush activities in the years in between, but they will not be able to hold parties outside of the Rush period. Their appeal hearing with the Judicial Committee has not yet been scheduled, but is expected this month. Ari P. Miller ’11, the president of Beta, declined to comment.