Tang trial delayed again

Anna Tang’s trial has stopped in mid-stream, because an expert for the prosecution has changed her mind. The trial won’t resume before mid-August.

This morning in the third day of the trial at Middlesex Superior Court, Defense attorney Robert A. George told the Court that the prosecution’s expert witness had changed her opinion on the question of whether Tang was criminally responsible — whether she understood what she was doing at the time she stabbed Wolfe B. Styke ’10 in his dormitory room in October 2007; and whether she had the capacity to control her own actions — and the defense needed time to adjust its case accordingly.

Assistant District Attorney Susanne M. Kontz agreed that the Commonwealth’s expert witness, Dr. Alison Fife, had changed her opinion as to “one prong” of the question of Tang’s criminal responsibility, and supported the defense’s motion to delay the trial.