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Football loses on last-minute field goal

After a closely-fought game at UMass Dartmouth on Saturday, the Engineers were unable to hold onto a late lead and fell 31–29. This was MIT’s third straight loss after a season-opening win. With 1:23 left in the last quarter, Justin R. Wallace ’15, who had rushed for an impressive 84 yards, scored a touchdown. Benjamin D. Hessels ’14 scored a two-point conversion to give the Engineers a one-point lead — their first lead in the game. Unfortunately, the Engineers ended up down again at the 23 second mark, because of a 45 yard field goal scored by UMass Dartmouth’s Edgar Osols.

MIT’s team saw an incredible performance, especially among the underclassmen. John C. Wenzel ’14 passed for 217 yards, and Brad L. Goldsberry ’15 received a massive 115. Three turnovers to UMass Dartmouth’s one certainly hurt the team, but MIT’s strong, balanced offense (217 passing/166 rushing) showed the strength and versatility of the young team. Hessels led the team with two touchdowns (and a two-point conversion), and Wenzel and Wallace scored one each. Peter W. Gilliland ’12 was three-for-three in one-point conversions and also managed a sack.

—Shri Ganeshram