Intro to the Daily Confusion

Welcome to the Daily Confusion for FSILG Rush 2012! Greek and ILG life are huge on MIT’s campus, and while they may not be right for everyone, many people cite their affiliations as a key piece of what makes their MIT experience so fun and valuable.

Contained within these pages are hundreds of events for Rush and Recruitment. Sorority Recruitment and Fraternities start on this page, and Independent Living Groups start on page 13. A map of MIT and all of the FSILG living groups are on page 15.

Guides provided at tomorrow’s Kresge Kickoff, the official kickoff of Rush, will provide more detail on the events. We hope you can use this to start planning out your schedule over the next few action-packed days. Be sure to explore as many places as possible, enjoy some delicious free food, and have a lot of fun!