The Mystery Hunt feature printed in the Jan. 23 issue incorrectly stated the name of Matt Lahut’s team as A Plate; the team’s proper name was Up-Late. The article also mistakenly identified Enigma Valley Investment & Loan (EVIL) as Enigma Valley Savings & Loan.

Last Wednesday’s RLADs interview misspelled the Burton-Conner RLAD’s name. She is Michelle Lessly, not Lessey. The same article also misspelled the Simmons RLAD’s name. He is Joshua Gonzalez, not Gonzales.

Also in last Wednesday’s issue, the photo of the seven RLADs was incorrectly only credited to the Division of Student Life — Jessica D. Bolandrina, DSL Marketing & Program Specialist took the photo.

The eighth paragraph of last Wednesday’s MassDOT article incorrectly stated that “many vent buildings are built into pre-existing buildings, including the upscale Intercontinental Hotel.” Rather, some of the buildings are built around vent cores, not into pre-existing buildings.