Cambridge releases Hubway usage statistics

Cambridge releases Hubway usage statistics

The City of Cambridge released ridership statistics on the Hubway bikeshare program last week. Since its launch in late July 2012, Hubway has proven successful at attracting daily bike riders, especially in the MIT vicinity.

The MIT station, at Massachusetts Avenue and Amherst Street, saw the most ridership among all Hubway stops, averaging 6.3 rides per bike per day during its 118 days in service .

According to data from the City of Cambridge, the next most popular stop was Harvard Square, at Mass. Ave. and Dunster, averaging 5.2 rides per bike per day during its 122 days in service. Other MIT stations are located at the Kendall T stop and next to the Stata Center, which have also proved popular among bike riders, averaging 2.1 and 4.1 rides per bike per day, respectively.

The success of Hubway at MIT is not unexpected. According to the City of Cambridge, MIT has taken an active part in promoting the Hubway program around campus with posters about “sustainable transportation options.”

In previous articles, The Tech reported that Hubway stations at MIT are so busy that they often fill up quickly during peak hours. In addition, it was reported that MIT sold 628 Hubway memberships to the local community as of November.

Hubway still faces several business challenges. According to the City of Cambridge, Hubway revenues to date have not covered the high upfront costs of installing stations, although Cambridge expects this problem to be resolved as the system continues to be used.

Hubway is still trying to fill in gaps in its network. Yesterday, in a letter to the Cambridge City Council, City Manager Robert Healy requested that $369,310 be appropriated to create three new stations.

Currently, expansion is being considered in Kendall Square, North Mass. Ave., and the Alewife station area. Of the stated $369,310, MIT is providing $4,044. This amount is less than the contributions of Harvard, Google, and the Cambridgeside Galleria, all of which exceed $60,000 each. Healy states that in 2013, Cambridge will seek to further increase ridership and solicit more donations.

The Hubway stations are expected to reopen from their winter closure in March.

—Anthony Yu