Remembering Sean Collier

It was a bright sunny day two weeks ago when Sean and I stopped to chat on the grassy quadrangle outside the Stata Center. We exchanged a common view of how nice it was to be bathed in sunshine after the long hard winter we all have experienced this year. As we surveyed the idyllic scene I felt a sense of gratitude for the protected space in which we walked. The evil which would befall us all was not in sight that morning. Sean and I and all of us in that quadrangle were part of a community. Sean was there to serve and protect. I believe that all of us felt safe on that sunny spring afternoon and part of the reason we felt safe was that Sean and his brothers and sisters were with us. It is with great anger and deep sorrow that I confront the evil which has taken Sean from us. I believe it is important to both celebrate Sean’s life and the special contributions he brought to our community and to be vigilant and mindful of the evil that exists in our world that brought Sean’s life to an end. Goodbye, Sean. You will be missed.

David E. Housman
MIT Professor of Biology