Professor Rob Miller is new East Campus housemaster

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Professor Rob Miller ’95 was named East Campus’s new housemaster on Tuesday.

Professor Rob Miller is new East Campus housemaster

Computer science professor Robert C. Miller ’95, who lived in East Campus as an undergraduate, has been named the dormitory’s new housemaster.

“It’s a concentrated microcosm of the MIT culture and ethos,” Miller said in a statement, “and I’m really looking forward to being part of that.”

Dean for Student Life Chris Colombo, East Campus President Jessica M. Parker ’15, and professor Charles H. Stewart III, the chair of the search committee, all noted Miller’s enthusiasm for the position.

Miller has been recognized for his undergraduate teaching and was a 2013 Margaret MacVicar Faculty Teaching Fellow. This fall, he is one of the instructors for 6.005, a software development class hundreds of students take each year.

Miller replaces Tom and Kate Delaney, who became the East Campus housemasters in 2006.

—Leon Lin