MIT Medical confirms no Ebola cases on campus

MIT Medical confirms no Ebola cases on campus

In light of the ongoing Ebola outbreak, MIT Medical has reached out to community members returning to campus this fall from countries most affected by the disease.

MIT Medical got in touch with students, faculty, and staff who have recently traveled to or from Liberia, Guinea, or Sierra Leone, and confirmed that everyone contacted has been healthy.

An advisory for colleges and universities released by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health recommends that any individual at risk for Ebola contact health officials, who may monitor their health until the virus’s 21-day incubation period has elapsed.

Howard M. Heller, M.D., MIT Medical’s associate medical director, has requested that anyone who has traveled to the three affected countries and who has not already been contacted by MIT Medical contact him at

MIT Medical said it would keep the community informed of any further developments or recommendations.

—Katherine Nazemi

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Howard Heller almost 9 years ago

We have also reached out to students and visitors from Nigeria. The CDC issued recommendations for colleges and universities last week. Although the cases of Ebola in Nigeria have been among people who have had direct contact with patients who had Ebola and there has been no community spread, airport transmissions etc. the CDC advised including travelers and visitors from from Nigeria too in our active outreach.

The CDC notice:

Howard Heller, MD

MIT Medical