Changes to sorority recruitment increase retention

Changes to sorority recruitment increase retention

The MIT Panhellenic Association (Panhel) announced that five of MIT’s six sororities issued a total of 189 bids during this year’s formal recruitment, the same number of bids as reported by The Tech last year.

“We… implemented a couple structural changes that I believe were quite beneficial to our recruitment process,” Panhel President Yasmin C. Inam ’15 said.

One of those changes included reducing sorority recruitment to three days instead of the traditional four, which led to a 7 percent increase in retention without decreasing the number of bids.

Panhel also worked with MIT’s orientation office to begin the newly-streamlined process one day early without interfering with freshman orientation.

This year’s formal recruitment process was followed up by an informal recruitment kickoff, which begins the ongoing process of sororities attracting new members throughout the year. Alpha Epsilon Phi, which does not participate in formal recruitment, relies entirely on informal recruitment to attract new members.

Encouraged by this year’s changes, Panhel looks “forward to continuing to grow and strengthen[ing] the Panhellenic community, and mak[ing] recruitment a valuable and enjoyable experience for interested women,” Inan said.

—Navil Perez