Watch for a hint of winter this weekend

For most of the country, the last week has been exceptionally cold as a frigid Canadian air mass left many of the states between the Great Lakes and the Rockies with snow cover and a reminder that colder weather is approaching. The Great Lakes region could see some lake-effect snow today as Northwesterly winds blow cold air over the relatively warm lake water. The signs of winter will also be apparent in the Cambridge area as it is likely to snow in the early morning today and temperatures will dip below freezing tonight and tomorrow night. The highs this weekend aren’t likely to get much higher than 40°F, and the moderate Northwesterly winds will make it feel colder still. It’s time to get used to these temperatures, as next week doesn’t project to be much warmer.

Beyond next week, what will the winter look like for our area? If you like 200-year-old superstition, the Old Farmer’s Almanac says that this winter will be colder than most. Their competitor, the Farmers’ Almanac, forecasts that this year the Northeast will experience a winter that is “wintery”. That sounds reasonably likely.