After brief warmup, cold temperatures return

Cambridge experienced a much-welcomed respite from the cold this holiday weekend thanks to southerly winds ahead of an approaching low pressure system. On Sunday, temperatures reached a balmy 51°F (10.5°C) at Boston’s Logan Airport — that’s 16°F (9°C) above average for that day!

Today, temperatures are noticeably cooler as a cold high pressure system begins to build into our region — expect a high temperature of about 33°F (1°C) this afternoon. A somewhat gusty west wind will make it feel even colder — expect wind chills in the teens and low twenties — so be sure to bundle up when you head outside! The high pressure continues to dominate our weather on Wednesday, making for a mostly sunny day with highs in the low 30s°F (0°C), but a coastal low pressure system passing to well our southeast brings with it the chance of some light snow on Wednesday night and Thursday. Otherwise, expect the cold to continue for the remainder of the week with high temperatures in the low 30s°F (0°C).

Anonymous over 7 years ago

What day is "today"?

I'm posting this comment on Tuesday January 20th, but this article has a publication date of Wednesday January 21st.

Anonymous over 7 years ago

Now the publication date of this article has been changed to Tuesday January 20th.