From specific changes to Institute policy to analysis of the evolving relationship between students and the administration, opinion contributors explored a wide range of issues relevant to the MIT community in 2014.

The year was also marked by a sustained discussion of sexual misconduct at MIT. In February, columns by four undergraduates implored the community to acknowledge that rape culture is a real problem at the Institute and laid out suggestions for combating it. A few months later, MIT released the results of a survey on sexual misconduct, along with additional recommendations and policy changes. The Tech argued that while these plans had admirable intentions, meaningful change would only come with a level of student participation rarely seen before. Through the efforts of numerous student groups and other organizations, that ​participation seems to still be taking shape.

As we look ahead to 2015, we hope that discussion of these issues and many more will continue to be productive, that the community will actively seek to keep itself informed, and that those who care will continue to speak up.

–​Jacob London

Opinion Editor

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Anonymous almost 9 years ago

Informed? If you read The Tech opinion, you're getting misinformed to be honest.