Enrollment figures released for most popular classes

Enrollment figures released for most popular classes

A look at this semester’s course enrollment statistics reveals that eight of the 19 undergraduate courses with more than 200 students are in Course 6, MIT’s largest undergraduate major. Only two GIRs (the introductory biology class 7.013 and the electromagnetism class 8.02) had that many students.

The largest HASS class, Introduction to Psychological Science, was one of three HASS classes to have more than 200 students. The largest class offering CI-H credit was 21W.789, Communication with Mobile Technology — one of just two such courses with more than fifty students.

—William Navarre

Anonymous over 8 years ago

Where is this information available? I have always been curious about data on things like this.

Anu Sood over 8 years ago

Sorry, what is GIR? 18.03 also has a large number of enrollees, and is not Course 6. Just wondering why it is not mentioned.

I am also curious as to the general trend for 6.01 - is the enrollment about the same since the 80s?