Quiet clouds likely in Boston as South copes with winter storm

High pressure over the Midwest is keeping the forecast for the northeastern part of the country mercifully precipitation-free. Considering the troubles that we have had trying to find a place to put all of the snow that has fallen, a week or string of 10 days without heavy snowfall is a welcome outlook. Through the end of the weekend, we should have little to no snow and varying levels of cloudiness. Temperatures will probably not venture above freezing until Monday, and overnight lows will be dipping down into the chilly single digits (°F).

While the weather has been relatively quiet over New England this week, the South is coping with winter storm ‘Quantum.’ This winter wave — particularly solid-state precipitation and low temperatures — has left people from Texas to Georgia uncertain about their commutes. Accumulations of snow were not large enough to cause vehicle operators to tunnel to their cars, but unusual snow like this is still a potential problem for them, and most decided to stay home instead of getting entangled in traffic. For those born in more wintry climates, this type of weather would be a bore.