New curriculum offered for students doubling in 6-1 & 8

Three 2015s majored in EE and Physics; combined major will provide substitutions, lighten courseload

The Department of Physics and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science have recently announced changes to the curriculum for undergraduates double majoring in Electrical Engineering (Course 6-1) and Physics (Course 8).

According to Associate Department Head of EECS David J. Perreault, the changes will streamline the 6-1 and 8 double major. The changes came about after faculty and students expressed interest in improving the curriculum: “it was both a faculty and student initiative,” Perreault said in an email to The Tech.

The new track for the 6-1 and 8 double major is based on the 8-Flex option in physics and allows students to replace some of the requirements for 6-1 with classes from Course 8.

Students double majoring in 6-1 and 8 can now fulfill the requirement for one of two required 6.01x subjects (6.01, 6.02, or 6.S03) by taking Vibrations and Waves (8.03), which is a requirement for 8-Flex.

Electromagnetic Energy: From Motors to Solar Cells (6.007), can now be replaced with Quantum Physics I (8.04), satisfying one of three required foundation classes in 6-1 and a required class for 8-Flex.

One of the three header subjects in 6-1 (6.011, 6.012, or 6.013) can now be replaced with Quantum Physics II (8.05), which can be chosen from among two other Course 8 subjects to fulfill a requirement in the 8-Flex track.

In 2014, 2013, and 2012, five students double majored in 6-1 and 8 per year. This year, three students are graduating with double majors in 6-1 and 8.

All other requirements for both the 6-1 and 8-Flex majors remain in place. These substitutions are only valid for students majoring in 8-Flex and 6-1 and do not apply to Course 6-2 or 6-3 majors.