DSL grant bails out UA, allows student group spending to rise

UA to seek external funding to cover internal spending

The Division of Student Life has granted $70,000 to the Undergraduate Association in response to the UA’s recent budget crisis. With these funds, and the implementation of new policies, the UA is on its way to recovering from last year’s budgeting errors that left the organization more than $50,000 in debt.

A new policy has been introduced for internal spending, requiring that UA committees and officers match UA money with outside fundraising. President Matthew J. Davis ’16 said the officers were receptive to the idea, and he added that any money that could be raised from outside sources to cover UA spending would allow more student fees to be spent on other student activities.

Additionally, each committee must submit a detailed proposal to be approved by Davis and Treasurer Alekhya K. Reddy ’16 before making any expenses.

The UA now has enough money to allow groups to spend as much as they did last year. “My hope is by the end of the semester we have raised enough money to fund all student activities,” Davis said.

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LOL about 8 years ago

So, in effect, the DSL is giving money to fund an expensive concert by a black rapper (and, also I've heard, lingerie for the ex-president of the UA). Not really surprising given the current purpose of the DSL, but still somewhat humorous nonetheless.

PS- The Tech has banned comments from non-MIT addresses. No MIT parents, businessmen or interested parties allowed to comment anymore, because the people at The Tech are --------- ------- who visibly do anything to avoid being called "racist" or "sexist." Due to their ------ ideology, they will not abide the free speech of others.