Hurricane Joaquin developing but not likely to affect MA this weekend

CORRECTION TO THIS ARTICLE: Due to an editing error, the headline to this forecast previously stated that Hurricane Joaquin is unlikely to affect Massachusetts at all. In fact, forecasts say the hurricane may impact Massachusetts some time next week.

Mild temperatures and a chance of rain will be the norm through the end of the weekend. It will be noticeably cooler than the beginning of the week was, with rain likely at some point over the weekend.

In the Caribbean, there is a storm (Joaquin) currently strengthening to a category 2 hurricane, threatening the Bahamas over the next day or so. Current forecasts have the storm hitting the Eastern U.S. late this weekend or early next week, most likely in North Carolina or Virginia. At the same time, forecast models show the possibility of Joaquin hitting as far south as South Carolina and as far north as Massachusetts, or even staying off the east coast entirely. A handful of days in advance there is still much uncertainty in the forecast, and readers planning their weekends are advised to check resources such as the National Hurricane Center as the storm develops.