Clear for Halloween Night

The departing low-pressure system which brought rain to the area this morning is now heading off into eastern Canada. Tomorrow, skies should clear as northwesterly winds blow cooler, drier air into the region and high pressure builds in. For Halloween, the high pressure system will creep up the eastern seaboard and keep skies clear for Boston. Halloween night looks to be a bit chilly, with temperatures in the low 40s°F through the late evening. As we enter November, we leave the statistically snow-free month of October behind. Students new to Boston have already begun to question the reality of our beloved winter weather, but we’re climatologically approaching snowier times. Boston typically sees its first measurable snowfall around November 4, but the first snow day varies significantly from year to year. Snowfall greater than 0.5 inches (1.3 cm) typically arrives around December 5.