A quiet Thanksgiving holiday in store

A large high pressure system will continue to creep up the Carolina coast today, keeping skies clear and sunny in Boston. This high will keep weather cool and dry through Saturday, when an approaching upper level disturbance will bring a chance of rain to the area.

Just to the west, the lake effect snow engine of the Great Lakes is beginning to crank up as cooler air invades the region. The combination of cool, continental air and warm surface temperatures generates convective snow showers. Analogous to a summertime thunderstorm, a lake effect snow shower transfers energy away from the surface while producing precipitation in the form of snow. Lake effect snow showers usually dump snow on cities downwind of the lake. Currently, the typical water surface temperatures are in the upper 40s °F while air temperatures just above the lake are hovering in the low 30s °F. Parts of Michigan have already received half a foot of snow.