Two low pressure systems will bring rainy weather to the Boston area for the rest of the week. The first system has moved northeast from the central parts of the U.S. over the past few days, and should bring intermittent rain from Thursday night through Friday night. This low pressure system will cause strong southwesterly winds over the same time period. High temperatures will be in the mid- to high-60s during both Thursday and Friday, and Thursday night’s low temperature will likely be around 55°F. This is well above the climatological mean high (50°F) and low (36°F) temperatures of this time of year.

Saturday will be partly cloudy with a high around 56°F, and we may have a chance to see the sun before the second low pressure system reaches us. This system will gain strength over the Great Lakes Saturday morning and move east. For now models predict that it will pass to the north of us, but forecasts this early in advance are always uncertain. The system may bring us rain or even snow through Saturday night and Sunday morning. Strong, northwesterly winds of over 30 mph, and colder weather with highs around 44°F, will follow on Sunday.