Berezin to be head of Random

The new heads of Random Hall will be Jared and Laurie Berezin. 

Jared, who will be succeeding longtime head of house Nina Davis-Millis, teaches in a variety of communication-intensive courses, including 2.009 and 6.033, according to the website for MIT Comparative Media Studies and Writing.

Random’s current RLAD, Michael Barcelo, will be departing for a job as Resident Director at Emerson College in Boston. His last day will be July 15.

These announcements come at a time of turmoil for the dorm, with residents temporarily relocated to New House after a fire damaged the roof of the building.

Random’s house team, which consists of the heads of house, an RLAD, and three GRTs, is in major flux. Out of this past year’s team, only one member (a GRT) will be continuing his tenure at Random. Of the other GRTs, one graduated, and one decided not to continue in her graduate program at the Institute.