Soap now provided in all dorm bathrooms

For the first time in recent memory, MIT is providing soap in every dorm on campus. Residents of Burton-Conner, Maseeh, Simmons and Random are finally relieved of having to buy their own soap.

MacGregor’s president, Ki-Jana Carter ’17, expressed gratitude at the attention the soap is getting: “it was definitely the defining theme of last semester’s DormCon meetings.” Indeed, even MIT Medical doctors got involved in the debate. However, the issue of sanitation is not new to MIT: over 125 years ago, Ellen Swallow Richards, class of 1873, pioneered research on home sanitation, leading to the creation of modern sewage treatment plants and to state regulations on food cleanliness.

MIT Residential Life having cleaned up its act, we now look ahead and wonder what the number one — and number two — issues will be this year.