New DormCon lays out year’s goals

The Dormitory Council had its first meeting of the year last Thursday. Located in Maseeh, the two hour long meeting meandered through issues such as dining, summer storage, font sizes, security, and the ideal location of kitchens in dorms.

With the new year comes a new executive and new objectives. Kate Farris ’17, DormCon president, and Yuge Ji ’18, vice-president, listed via email the renewal of the dining contract, improving the dorm security experience, and improving PartySafe training as upcoming issues and goals.

Acknowledging current relevant issues on campus, they added, “DormCon also supports individual communities as needed, including Senior House and New House, and on other issues as they come up during the year.”

But it was an issue with CPW funding that sparked a rapid back and forth. “New House spends $1,200 on CPW,” Sarah Wharton ’17, New House president said, “we’re supposed to be advertising MIT.” Although other dorm presidents agreed, Sarah Melvin ’18, Senior House president, raised concerns about the hypothetical funding change: “[Funding it ourselves] does give us some control. Otherwise, MIT can make CPW whatever they want it to be.”