New House pipe leak unrelated to HVAC issues

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A ceiling tile lies broken on the floor after pipes in the ceiling of the first floor of House 1 in New House started dripping on Wednesday.
Lenny Martinez–The Tech

This article has been updated to include the cause of the leak.

Around 9 p.m. Wednesday evening, a water pipe in iHouse, part of House 1 of New House, started to leak and caused ceiling tiles to fall.

Matthew Bauer, DSL director of communications, wrote in an email to The Tech that a loose screw in the overflow drain of a bathtub caused the leak and subsequent tile collapse, and that the collapse was not related to the HVAC issues that caused the pipe burst in summer 2015. 

iHouse resident Burhan Azeem ’19 worried about the leak: “there is some concern that [the pipes] are still leaking since they were supposed to fix Houses 1, 2, and 3.”

Azeem described the actual leak as “a slow drip, about a drop every minute, minute and a half. It’s the build-up that caused the ceiling tile to fall.”

Although the leak was fixed relatively quickly — by midnight — Azeem describes the situation as “a little frightening”.

“No one got hurt,” Azeem said, “it got back to normal pretty quickly.”

New House’s Head of House and Area Director were not immediately available for comment.