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Clear and cold weather during the weekend

A cold front swept through the area on Wednesday, and it will be followed by high pressure and mostly clear skies on Thursday. The high pressure system over Montana and low pressure system over southern Hudson Bay will both shift east during Veterans Day, and the cyclonic flow from the low pressure system will bring us cold air from the northwest. This cold front is expected to pass through the area on Friday evening and give us temperatures close to freezing on Friday night, and low temperatures on Saturday. The southeastward-moving high pressure system will build up during its passage over the Great Lakes early Saturday, and the westerly flow caused by it will bring dry, warmer air into the area on Sunday. Expect mostly clear skies throughout the weekend. The dry air and clear skies are expected to persist through Tuesday.

Except for Friday night and Saturday, the temperatures are normal for this time of year: climatological mean high and low temperatures are 53°F and 40°F, respectively. While we experienced more rain than usual in October, the yearly accumulation is significantly lower than climatology: 27 compared to 37 inches. This is still far from the lowest recorded precipitation accumulation at this time of year, which was 20.27 inches in 1965.