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Colder temperatures and clear skies this weekend

Southwesterly flow will advect unseasonably warm air toward New England on Wednesday and Thursday. A low pressure system will pass to the west of Massachusetts on Thursday, and even though most of its associated precipitation will fall inland, there is a high chance of rain on Thursday morning and early afternoon. The winds will be strong at around 15 mph.

Friday will be mostly clear with temperatures in the 40s, but Friday night will be cold with a low temperature in the high teens. The high pressure will linger over New England during the weekend, and the skies will continue to be clear on Saturday and Sunday. 

Saturday is expected to be the coldest day with a high temperature below freezing. The winds will be relatively weak at around 5 mph on Saturday and Sunday, so wind chill should not be an important factor.

The climatological temperature range for Boston at this time of year is 22°F to 36°F, so the weekend temperatures will be typical for the season. While the high temperature on Thursday will be well outside that range, it will not beat the Jan. 12 record temperature of 61°F, a record that was set in 1975.